High School DxD - Episode 10

"The Showdown Begins!"
"Kessen, Hajimarimasu!" (決戦、始まります!)

One hour before the Rating Game while Issei prepares himself inside his room Asia comes in and starts a conversation with him, seeking his mental support. After Issei's alarm clock starts to ring, the two of them leave for the Occult Research Club together. Arriving at the clubroom, Issei and his friends make final preparations and prepare themselves mentally as they wait for the Rating Game against Riser and his team to commence. Before leaving, Sona and Tsubaki arrives to show their support for Rias and wishes her good luck.
The Gremory team is then transported to a dimension where they see a replica of Kuoh Academy which is to be used as the field for the Rating Game. Prior to the start of the match, Rias formulates a strategy and orders Akeno, Yuuto, and Koneko to place traps in preparation against Riser's assault. While the others head off to make their preparations, Rias, then, unseals part of the seal she previously placed on Issei due to his lack of strength to withstand it. After finishing their preparations, Issei and Koneko head to the gymnasium where they are confronted by four of Riser's servants, his Rook, Xuelan, and Pawns, Mira, Ile and Nel.
Noting the strength of the Rook, Koneko decides to battle it out with Xuelan, leaving Issei to deal with the remaining three Pawns. Initially facing trouble due to being outnumbered three to one, Issei manages to overcome the odds with the doubling ability of the Boosted Gear and succeeds in his task of immobilizing his opponents after revealing his new move, Dress Break, which strips the girls off their clothes. At the same time, Koneko successfully immobilizes Xuelan by disabling her movements in a submission hold. The two, then, proceed to leave the gymnasium, allowing Akeno to deal the finishing blow to the defeated four by destroying the gymnasium in one large scale attack. Meanwhile, inside the forest, Kiba confronts another three of Riser's Pawns, Shuriya, Marion and Bürent, who got caught in the traps set by Rias' team while they were on their way to the enemy headquarters.
Elsewhere, Koneko and Issei decide to move on, initiating the next phase of their plan. Koneko, disgusted by Issei's move, decides to walk ahead of Issei, only to be taken out by a surprise attack from Riser's Queen, Yubelluna. The episode ends with Riser telling Rias to not underestimate him.



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