High School DxD (New) - Episode 3

"I'll Destroy the Holy Sword!"
"Seiken, Hakai Shimasu!" (聖剣、破壊します!)

Issei and Kiba are overpowered by Xenovia and Irina. Before leaving, Rias asks the two about the Fallen Angel who stole the Excaliburs learning that the one who was responsible was the Fallen Angel Leader, Kokabiel. Back at the Occult Research Club, Kiba leaves the building with extreme frustration over his loss to Xenovia. Issei decides to help Kiba exact his revenge on the Excalibur swords. Coercing Saji into his plans with Koneko's help, the three start to search for Xenovia and Irina, eventually finding them in a street. The trio then form an alliance with the two, helping them to retrieve the Excalibur swords while handing them an Excalibur sword so that Kiba can destroy it. Kiba, touched by Issei and Koneko's action, agrees to accept the help of the two, thanking them for their help. Later at night, Issei meets up with Kiba and the others to start their plan to destroy the Excalibur. Meanwhile, a young man appears beside Issei's client.



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