High School DxD (BorN) - Episode 12

"Any Time, For All Time!"
"Itsudemo, Itsumademo!" (いつでも、いつまでも!)

As the battle continues, Issei eventually talks Rias out of her mind control, forcing the cursed fragment out of Rias. The cursed Juggernaut Drive fragment takes on Issei appearance before transforming into the Juggernaut Drive. Back in the human world, the protagonists are sent back to the Kuoh Academy with Irina and Rossweisse tending to them. After a brief discussion with Azazel on the Juggernaut Drive's fragment being used by Loki, the girls starts to pray for Issei and Rias' safe return. Inside the Dimensional Gap, Loki's curse, transformed into the Juggernaut Drive, continues its assault on Issei and Rias. Issei, determined to protect Rias, once again dons the Scale Mail armor and through the modification of the Evil Pieces previously done by Ajuka, allows Issei to form two cannons on his Scale Mail as he finally destroys the curse, obliterating the fragment. The victory, however, is short lived as the field created by Arthur gets destroyed due to the impact of the battle as both Issei and Rias gets swallowed by the Dimensional Gap ending at some unknown dimension with an unknown creature. They see Great Red, and follow him, ending up on a beach where they discuss their relationship before appearing back at the school. Vali reveals to Azazel that he helped Issei in the hopes of watching his encounter with Great Red. The next day, Issei's parents return home and Rossweisse becomes Rias' rook and moves in with Issei. She also becomes a civics teacher at Issei's school. Issei tells Azazel about his dream of becoming the Harem King.



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